TB:The umpire he’s involved in that all day. It’s unreal the way they talk to each other. Where I am on the side of the field, I hear it from the coaches. Rotisserie leagues work this way, each week your players accumulate stats in a variety of different statistical categories and those stats are added to your category totals moving forward throughout the year. Highest scorer in a 12 team league at the end of the year in each category, such as Rushing Yards, gets 12 points and second to that gets 11 points and so on. It is also similar when it comes to the Receiving Yards, the highest scorer gets 12 points and minus one point for the scorer below the highest and so on..

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“I haven’t responded to anything in years by design because again, that was my past,” she explained of her decision to keep quiet. “I do think that for her, and I’ve said this before, I represent her truth and she’s terrified of that because it is very clear and obvious to me that no one around her has the guts to tell her what she needs to hear. And I was the only person that did.

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