Recommandations made for Think Playgrounds, the district / neighbourhood / city officials, the civil society and other Global South DIY urban planing groups.

Think Playgrounds

Go beyond the right to play by including positive cognitive and economic effects to their argument.

Affix their signature on their installations for better publicity and awareness.

Establish a development and support plan for volunteers who wish to set up their own initiative.

District officials

Together with Think Playgrounds, insures playgrounds maintenance and repair after construction.

Provide a budget for pilot projects on public and residual spaces.

Neighborhood officials

Make an inventory of unused residual spaces and underutilized public spaces, as well as the ones privatized without authorization or without obvious design for users.

City officials

Create a public consultation policy and apply it to every municipal levels in accordance with specific issues.

Civil society

Play an active role in advocating for DIY urbanism planning groups in projects involving the state.

Adapt projects to the specific local political context.

Implement pilot projects to test and publicize new ideas.

Other Global South DIY urban planning groups

Collaborate with existing civil organizations to develop common strategic plans.

Make safety a central concern when children are involved in urban interventions: solid and absorbent materials; secure and fenced perimeter, free from motorized traffic; appropriate lighting.

Undertake socio-demographic studies and an inventory of similar installations located in the area in order to target needs.

Offer their services to private companies to finance community projects as long as these company operations do not conflict with their other partners values.